Annual Physical – What to measure?

Yesterday I went in and had some of my blood removed so that it can be analyzed in preparation for my annual physical next week.  Not a delightful experience, but a necessary one that result in a healthier me.  When things such as cholesterol, triglycerides and who knows what else are monitored it can help me adjust my lifestyle accordingly.

It occurred to me that every community should have an annual exam.  Many communities do so in the form of a Mayor’s State of City Address or an annual report, but I think if we could get a baseline of information that should be measured by every city it would be useful.  I’m working on my next Mississippi Business Journal column on that very subject.

So here’s a question for you – What should be measured and reported in a city or county every year at annual exam time?  Assessed valuation?  Sales tax collections?  Population change?

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