Phoenicia Gourmet Cuisine, Ocean Springs

Last week’s lunch at the Phoenicia Gourmet Cuisine, Ocean Springs was a most pleasant dining experience, featuring an appetizer of Hummus ( theirs is a blend of Chick Pea, Tahini, Lemon Juice & Garlic) and bread, a table by the front window and a delicious entree of mahi-mahi topped with a sauce that tasted – well, Mediterranean.  Speaking of Mediterranean, I was told that the Phoenicia was a Greek restaurant, and then I read reviews describing it as a Lebanese restaurant, a Middle Eastern restaurant and a Mediterranean restaurant.  It describes itself as featuring Mediterranean Cuisine.

Reviews on the Internet seem to be mixed, but from my experience I would rate it eight stars out of 10 for lunch.  I also couldn’t help but notice that there was a short wait for a table, the best indicator of what diners think about a restaurant. Locals told me that it’s also a great place for breakfast.

For a town its size, Ocean Springs has a surprising variety of unique restaurants.  Some say that many of the New Orleans chefs came this way after Hurricane Katrina and had a positive effect on local cuisine.  Click here for a listing of Ocean Springs restaurants.  There are many and they are varied.

Phoenicia Gourmet Cuisine
1223 Government St
Ocean Springs, Mississippi

One response to “Phoenicia Gourmet Cuisine, Ocean Springs

  1. I live in Pensacola and went for the first time to Phoenecia yesterday. The “Lebanese” tea was outstanding, we had great service, the hummus was excellent, my shawarma and falafel were great. I will definitely go back. Lunch prices are also reasonable.

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