How fast do people adopt technology?

The date in the first column is the year household penetration reached one percent; the second column date is when household penetration reached 50 percent:

Telephone            1890          1946          (56 years)

Radio                    1923         1932          (9 years)

Television             1949          1954          (5 years)

Computer             1980          2000          (10 years)

Mobile phone         1989          2003          (14 years)

Internet                1981          2001          (10 years)

Source: Goldman Sachs economic research calculations based on Dept of Commerce data. US Economic Analyst, Issue 05/06 Feb 11,2005 as presented in a speech on April 17, 2008 by Jason Henderson of the Kansas City Federal Reserve The Power of Technological Innovation in Rural America.

2 responses to “How fast do people adopt technology?

  1. Doesn’t 1980 to 2000 (computer)= 20 years? Also, internet looks like it should be 20 years.

    Just discovered your blog and am enjoying it.

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