London cabs promote Mississippi, Memphis and Elvis.

Tourism partners, the Memphis Convention and Visitors Bureau along with the Tourism Division of the Mississippi Development Authority have recently launched a one month moving promotional campaign involving the famous black cabs one sees in London, England.

The campaign consists of 120 taxis with 90 in London and 15 each in Manchester and Glasgow.

The cities selected were determined by their transatlantic air service along with population.

Each taxi carries tip seats panels in the interior of the taxi which communicate to a captive audience in the back of the taxi normally on a one-to-one basis for an average of 16 minutes.

Craig Ray, director Tourism Development, Mississippi Development Authority said, “We are excited about this different approach to traditional advertising and promotion. This is literally a moving billboard that constantly is delivering a message to a huge international audience.

International visitors from the United Kingdom constitute the third largest number of travelers to Mississippi. United Kingdom visitors represent 15.8% of the Top Ten registrants at the highway Welcome Centers.

Tourist Site:

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