Eight Characteristics of A Good Downtown – Baton Rogue Style

A recent article in the Baton Rogue Business Report reviewed the city’s master plan for downtown.  Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Plan Baton Rouge, the downtown master plan led by renowned New Urbanist Andres Duany, turns 10 years old this year. Most of the projects suggested by that plan have come to fruition, including Main Street Market and the Shaw Center for the Arts. Our downtown is far more vibrant than it was in 1998, but it still lacks the buzz found in cities like Portland, Ore., Dallas, Colorado Springs, Colo., or Boise, Idaho.

The article also pointed out the eight characteristics of a good downtown as follows:

1.  Cities are for living in

2.  Understand who cities are for

3.  Mixed-use environments

4.  Think compactly

5.  Invest in culture

6.  Conservation

7.  Mobility

8.  Creative use of history

So, how would your downtown measure up?

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