Is this why people don’t like Comcast?

So I turn on my television and I get a message that my service has been suspended and that I should call a certain telephone number.  Below is the transcript of the phone call, the names of the Comcast personnel disguised.

Problem : service suspended?

Phil > service suspended?
Aarti > Hello Phil_, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Aarti. Please give me one moment to review your information.
Aarti > Hi Phil, how are you today?
Phil_ > not so good.  i've been holding on the phone for 28 minutes now.
Aarti > I am sorry for the inconvenience.
Aarti > How may I assist you today?
Phil_ > I attempted to login to my account, but I'm told I must have a PIN due to new security regulations.  I would like to receive this new PIN. 
Aarti > Is this for your e-mail account?
Phil_ > No.  This is for my cable service.  I have phone, internet and cable bundle service.  One TV tells me that my service has been suspended, but others are still working - as is the telephone and internet.  So, what's up?
Aarti > I am very sorry about that Phil. I am going to need to transfer you over to a different market Phil. One moment please.
Aarti > Please wait, while the problem is escalated to another analyst
Michelle.A > I will be very happy to assist you with your concern today.
Phil_ > ok
Michelle.A > For account identification, can you please provide your account number?
 Phil_ > (account number)
Michelle.A > Thank you.
Michelle.A > I will be just one moment while I bring up the required information.  Thank you for your patience.
Michelle.A > I understand that you would like to have your Security Pin, is that correct?
Michelle.A > Did you receive my last message?
Phil_ > Speaking of patience, I called 800-comcast over 38 minutes ago and am still on hold.  And yes, I called to get the PIN so I can find out why my television is displaying a message that my service has been suspended.
Phil_ > Why is my television displaying this message?
Phil_ > My account is current.  My bill says that my next due date is 3/10/08.
Michelle.A > I see. I do not have information about your Cable services. What I can do is to send to you the PIN via US mail.
Phil_ > Who can help me?  
Michelle.A > About your bill, I can transfer your chat to our Biling Department. For the mean time, would you like me to send the PIN to you via US mail? This will take about five business days for you to receive, is that okay?
Phil_ > Why does is have to be by mail.  Here is what your screen says:
Phil_ > Please enter the Security PIN that we sent to you by mail. If you don't have it, please call 1-800-COMCAST to request your PIN.
Michelle.A > I understand. I can also send this to you via your email, is that fine?
Phil_ > Just transfer me to the appropriate department....
Michelle.A > Okay, I will transfer you to our Billing Department. Thank you for your patience. 
Phil_ > OK send it by e-mail.
Phil_ > WAIT! send that PIN!
Michelle.A > All right. Should I still transfer you to the Billing Department after I send this to your email?
Phil_ > Yes.
Michelle.A > Could you please verify your email?
Phil_ >
Michelle.A > Thank you.
Michelle.A > I have already made a Security Pin resend to your email. It will take about ten minutes for you to receive it. Before I transfer you to our Billing Department, do you have questions for me about your Internet service?
Phil_ > No thank you.
Michelle.A > Please give me one moment. I appreciate your patience.
Michelle.A > Please wait, while the problem is escalated to another analyst
Anderson.B > I am certainly going to assist you with your concern.
Anderson.B > Before we continue, can I have your first and last name and the account number please?
Phil_ > Phil Hardwick
Phil_ > (account number)    Phillip Hardwick
Anderson.B > Thank you for that information.
Anderson.B > How exactly may I Assist you today Phil? 
Phil_ > A message appeared on my television screen.  It says...
Phil_ > "Your digital cable service has been disconnected..."  However, my account is current.  When I went online to try to resolve I was told I needed a PIN number to access my account.  I called 1-800-comcast as instructed and have now been holding for over 54 minutes.  What's going on?
Anderson.B > I see. Phil, on my end it seems that there is nothing wrong on your account. The only thing I can see here is that you have a 30 day delinquent amount of $1.91, other then that your account is active. 
Phil_ > By the way, my cable service is working on other tv's in the house.
Phil_ > So what am I supposed to do?
Anderson.B > Nothing Phil! Oh, why not pay the delinquent amount, it is only for $1.91? I can process the payment if you want me to Phil. 
Phil_ > You're telling me that my cable service was suspended over $1.91!?  OK, I'll pay.  What do you want - a credit card number?  
Phil_ > One more fact about this.  I held on the telephone for 58 minutes and 34 seconds before the line went dead.
Anderson.B > Yes Phil, I can have the credit card number, expiration date, and the type of credit card please. 
Anderson.B > I do apologize for the very long wait Phil. 
Anderson.B > I know how it feels. 
Phil_ > (credit card number)
Anderson.B > Thank you for patiently waiting.
Phil_ > I know that you are just doing your job with limitations placed thereon.  But Comcast is going to now have to deal with a very unhappy customer who is aware of the remedies available to me.
Anderson.B > I have already processed the payment of $1.91, please take note of confirmation number 01507B. 
Anderson.B > You have all the right to feel that way sir. I understand. 
Anderson.B > Changes will take effect within 24 hours, that includes your services. Besides this, would there be anything else. 
Phil_ > bye
Anderson.B > Thank you for contacting Comcast. We appreciate your business.
Anderson.B > If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us again.  If you need additional assistance you can find product support information on our Web site at
Anderson.B > Have a great day!
Anderson.B > Analyst has closed chat and left the room

2 responses to “Is this why people don’t like Comcast?

  1. Same old, same old, I’ve been going through much the same.

    BUT: Verizon is worse.

  2. I am sorry to hear about your experience with Comcast. I work with DISH Network and they are ahead in customer service and technology. As a DISH employee, I cann tell you that with DISH Network you can watch your TV on Smart Phones and iPad already! You don’t even have to be home. try out for more information.

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