Creative Cities Summit 2.0 in Detroit on Oct. 13-15th

The Summit features an incredible lineup of talent that will discuss the complex issue that is our cities. Keynote speakers include:

* Bill Strickland, MCG-Bidwell Corp.
* Richard Florida, Author Who’s Your City
* Charles Landry, Author The Art of City Making
* John Howkins, Author The Creative Economy
* Majora Carter, Sustainable South Bronx
* Doug Farr, Architect and Author Sustainable Urbanism
* Ben Hecht, Pres. & CEO Living Cities
* Tom Wujec, Fellow, Autodesk
* Carol Coletta, CEOs for Cities
* Giorgio Di Cicco, Poet Laureate, City of Toronto and Author, The Municipal Mind
* Diana Lind, Editor, Next American City magazine

Additionally, there will be a wide range of breakout sessions on topics such as:

* Race and the Creative City
* Cities, Universities & Talent
* Marketing, Media and the Creative City
* Measuring New Things – ROI in the Creative Economy
* Creative (Small) Cities
* New Ideas in Urban Amenities
* Community Vitality: The Role of Artists, Gays, Lesbians & Immigrants
* Midwest Mega-region: How the Midwest Can Compete
* Transportation Innovation for Cities
* Making the Scene: Music & Economic Development

Check out Full conference registration is $300 for the two and half day event and we just added an economy minded “no frills” registration that is only $100.

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