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The first step in measuring success.

Success can’t be measured if it is not defined.

The definition of “success” is sort of like the definition of “feasible.”  I once did feasibility studies for clients who were considering opening new facilities.  For most, a project would be deemed feasible if it provided a certain return on investment.   For example, one client might not consider a project to be feasible unless it had at least a 25 percent return on investment, while another might be happy with a 10 percent return on investment.  In other words, the client determined feasibility.

Success is similar in that it is the organization that defines it.  If that is the case, then the organization needs to make sure that it communicates its definition of success.  If success was defined by the economic development organization as seeing 100 new jobs in the community during the next six months, it may be surprised if someone else, such as an elected body, expected to see 400 new jobs.

I like Earl Nightingale’s definition of success when he said, “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal.”  Therefore, one way to get to that definition is to set specific, measurable and achievable goals.

The first step in measuring success is to define success.

Urban Legend Update: Cell phone “Do Not Call” Registry

It seems that about twice a year the word goes out that cell phone users must register their cell phone numbers with the National Do Not Call Registry because those numbers are “…about to be given to telemarketers.”  Another urban legend that is false.  Check it out at

Having said that, it probably would not hurt to register your cell number anyway.  Here’s what the pertinent Federal Trade Commission Web page said about the subject:

  1. Can I register my cell phone on the National Do Not Call Registry?

  2. Yes, you may place your personal cell phone number on the National Do Not Call Registry. The registry has accepted cell phone numbers since it opened for registrations in June 2003. There is no deadline to register a home or cell phone number on the Registry.

    You may have received an email telling you that your cell phone is about to be assaulted by telemarketing calls as a result of a new cell phone number database; however, that is not the case. FCC regulations prohibit telemarketers from using automated dialers to call cell phone numbers. Automated dialers are standard in the industry, so most telemarketers don’t call consumers on their cell phones without their consent.