Beware the foreclosure man

I once met a man who made his living off foreclosed properties‭ ‬.‭  ‬It was in the eighties and real estate interest rates were skyrocketing‭ ‬.‭  ‬He disappeared for a while after interest rates went down,‭ ‬but now he,‭ ‬or someone with his traits and characteristics,‭ ‬is back.‭

The foreclosure man awakens each day and immediately checks the newspaper.‭  ‬He could care less about the news‭; ‬he goes straight for the legal notices‭ ‬.‭  T‬here he finds the foreclosure section and makes a list of houses in certain neighborhoods.‭  ‬Some of these houses he will want to buy and others he will want to negotiate with the owner.‭  ‬His goal is to find home owners who are behind on their payments,‭ ‬but have a lot of equity in their property‭ ‬.‭  ‬He especially is in search of owners who are desperate‭ ‬.‭  ‬He knows that desperate owners have only two choices‭ – ‬lose their home to a lender or negotiate with the foreclosure man to keep their home.‭

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