Mississippi PSC Commissioner questions TVA CEO pay increase.

Northern District Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley has written a letter to Mississippi’s congressional delegation asking for an inquiry into the TVA board’s decision to increase the utility chief executive’s pay by $500,000, according to a recent Clarion-Ledger article.

The raise comes a month after Tennessee Valley Authority put into effect a 20 percent rate hike that raised the average residential monthly power bill by $15.80 to $19.80 — the largest power rate hike in 30 years.

One response to “Mississippi PSC Commissioner questions TVA CEO pay increase.

  1. I’d like to protest most strongly this decision to increase the CEO’s pay. Is the TVA Board really this out of touch with reality? Not only have they increased rates for power, but have increased the “fuel surchage”, while fuel has gone down to a 5 year low. What is the fuel surcharge? My residence has not gotten any farther away from the power lines than they were when the house was built? Why do they keep going up? Please do not feign your “costs have gone up” while you are increasing the pay of your executives. It is an outrage and I will continue to write my senators, representatives, and media outlets until we have some answers.

    Oxford, Mississippi

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