iPhone App Tracks Stimulus Spending

Yes, I really like my iPhone. And why not? Two days ago at my annual physical my doctor and I were comparing our iPhone apps. He showed me an impressive application (Epocrates) that is basically a drug reference encyclopedia. I immediately downloaded the free version. Yesterday, I was having lunch at the Cotton District Grill in Starkville when I heard a song that I liked, but did not know its title. My Shazam application recognized it and I downloaded without hesitation to add to my music library. Just now I heard about a new application that allows one to track the government recovery spending.

Transparent gov is an iPhone application from NIC that allows users to track spending under the stimulus bill. It’s very impressive and worth checking out. Thankfully, applications like this allow average citizens to follow some of this money. And, believe me, it is worth following. If you don’t have an iPhone, but want to follow the spending check out NIC’s related Web site – http://www.transparent-gov.com.

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