For new leaders, a missed deadline is more than a missed opportunity.

President O’Bama, like many who run for and get elected to an executive public office, is discovering that managing and leading skills are interwoven and yet separate.  A leader has a vision, communicates it and gets followers on board, while a manager implements the vision and related goals.  When the managers miss deadlines set by the leader, it is the leader who has to explain.  Take the case of the missed deadlines.


At his first cabinet meeting, held on April 20, 2009, the President imposed a 90-day deadline to his cabinet members and said, “I’m asking for all of them to identify at least $100 million in additional cuts to their administrative budgets, separate and apart from the work that [Office of Management and Budget Director] Peter Orszag and the rest of our team are doing, to go line by line with the budget and identify programmatic cuts that need to be made.”  That deadline has passed.  Read more in the Fox Business story….


President Obama also acknowledged the administration will miss its own Tuesday deadline to submit a report detailing its policy on detaining terror suspects.  Read more in this CNN story…

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