Five Reasons Why I Like Thanksgiving

First,  Thanksgiving always occurs on a Thursday.  That means that most businesses, except for those involved in that Black Friday madness, shut down for Thursday and Friday.  Ah, a four-day weekend.

Second, Thanksgiving is a uniquely American holiday.  It has an American history.  Even though most of us think about Pilgrims and Native Americans and the Mayflower, there is much more to the story of the holiday.  Check out some Thanksgiving history and debunk some myths on the History Channel’s Web site.

Third,  Thanksgiving is about gathering with family.  Perhaps that is becoming less so, but for many people this is a time for getting most of the family together in the same place at the same time.  Consequently, the busiest travel day of the year for airlines in the United States is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Fourth, Thanksgiving is in autumn, the time of year when leaves are colorful and the season is changing.  The air is cooler and there is a crispness about.  Activities abound in autumn.  Football, elections, school plays, theater, and much more.  It is a busy time of the year.  There is a lot to talk about at those family gatherings.  Autumn is also harvest time, which is one of the main reasons for Thanksgiving in the first place.  The food is changing to cold weather food.

Fifth, Thanksgiving is the kickoff to the Christmas season.

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