Representing Louisiana or selling her vote?

Representing Louisiana or selling her vote? Senator Mary Landrieu’s vote to send the Senate’s health care bill to the floor for debate illustrates that perspective is a subjective thing.  Some bloggers have already called her a “whxxx,” while others are praising her for getting more aid for her home state.  From her Senate Web site is this:

But Landrieu has already succeeded in adding a provision to the 2,074-page Senate version of the health care bill unveiled this week that would provide Louisiana between $100 million and $300 million in Medicaid funding in fiscal 2011.”Look,” said [Louisiana secretary of health and hospitals] Alan Levine, who has been lobbying the administration and Congress on the FMAP issue for eight months, “it’s good to have a senator in a position to be able to make demands like that.”


A Washington Post article by Dana Milbank entitled Sweeteners for the South offers additional perspective.

One response to “Representing Louisiana or selling her vote?

  1. I read today about a Senator being willing to lose his seat to vote for the health-insurance reform. “Integrity,” you might say, or “betrayal” (of his constituents). But I think this misses the point–meaning the role of the US Senate as a check on the House (and us).

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