TomTom survey says Mississippi has fastest roads

GPS manufacturer TomTom issued a news release on January 21 that “… revealed the first fully detailed view of which interstate highways are the fastest and slowest in the United States. Although the average speed on some U.S. roads slightly exceeded the speed limit, data from GPS users show that, overall, drivers tend to stay within speed limit range on most major U.S. highways.revealed a survey that contains some interesting results about driving in the United States.”

Some of the key findings:

  • Mississippi has the fastest roads, where the posted speed limits range from 65 to 70 MPH.
  • The fastest American road is I-15 through Utah and Nevada. The posted speed limit is as high as 80 MPH in some spots, with the driver average being around 77.67 MPH
  • The slowest average MPH is in Washington D.C., with averages around 46 MPH, followed by Hawaii (53 MPH), Delaware (61 MPH), Rhode Island (63 MPH), and Oregon (63 MPH).

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