The perils of changing a company name

When a company changes its name it is usually for a good reason, such as to better identify the service or products it currently provides.  In other words, the name change reflects a change in the company.  But changing for the sake of change can be fraught with peril.  Exhibit A is Comcast, which is changing its name to Xfinity.  Blogs and news media are already lampooning the name change, essentially saying that the change is a way as one blogger in Seattle out it for Comcast “to win back its customers.” Just google “comcast name change” and you’ll see what I mean.   Time magazine even featured it as number one on its Top 10 Worst Corporate Name Changes.

In my corner of the world, the Comcast name will stay the same, according to the Xfinity Web site.   Presumably, the service will do the same.  That’s not good.  I’m still waiting for Comcast to provide that new and improved channel guide that they promised over a year ago.  I wish they would just go back to the old channel guide.  At least I could search for a program without having to know what day of the week it comes on.

In all fairness, one thing my local Comcast company has improved on is the quality of its service personnel in the field.  My few visits with the cable guy have been very pleasant.

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