An open letter to job seekers.

Dear Applicant:

I trust that you have read all of the advice about how to act when going on interview, what to wear and what to say.  There are some additional things you might want to know.  Some employers actually like to hire people whom they see doing good things at the job they have now or just the way they act in public.  Conversely, they don’t want to hire people who act in a certain manner when those people think others are not looking.  So below are a few things to think about.

You’re not the kind of person I want to work in  my business if –

You flip your cigarette from your car window and don’t believe you’re littering.

You park in a handicapped reserved spot if you’re “just going to run inside a minute.”

On a four-lane street you stop in the right-hand lane at the traffic signal even though you are going straight.

You leave your shopping cart in the parking lot.

You toss trash in the back of your pick-up truck and pat yourself on the back for not littering.

You text while driving.

You talk on your cellphone in a restaurant.

You talk on your cellphone while waiting on customers.

You curse your child in public.

You say “no problem” every time someone says thank you.

Good luck.


A business owner who cares about employees and customers.

(c) 2010 Phil Hardwick

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