Latest Mississippi Music Video – “Coma Boy”

Regional collaborative artist (TR) recently premiered their latest music video Coma Boy at the February 2011 Oxford Film Festival, simultaneously releasing it to an eager online audience.

This is the fifth music video in three years to be released by (TR), of which the primary creators are duo Daniel Guaqueta and Clay Hardwick. While Guaqueta, an experienced pop-rock electronica, avant-garde musician from Colombia is responsible for overseeing the music behind (TR), Hardwick takes a drivers’ seat in steering the visual manifestation of the group; even using live projection to craft a more immerse experience at live (TR) actions.

“(TR) is more than just a band, it puts itself out there as an ever-evolving collection of artistic visions, whether that’s presented through a traditional band on stage, multimedia ‘happening,’ or a single on iTunes, (TR) is coloring peoples’ ears, eyes, and minds.” (Clay Hardwick, Director)

The latest video released, Coma Boy is an electro-pop croon with solid Latin rhythms underlying this playfully digitized deconstruction. Playing off images of workers from a range of classes: pizza cook, office square, medical tech, yard man – the South American cadence unites them all in an allusion to the steady trance of a strong rhythm creating a release into the cycles of life…even the redundancy of everyday work. The labor-induced coma is the natural escape of all workers who have color sucked from their job.

(TR) brings these disconnected everyday workers together in an alternate reality: a Pool Party! The culmination of this piece is a splash-crazed pool bonanza allowing all the characters to let loose and embrace imagination. The video reveals painted dancers as a mass of guests frolicking and laughing in this daydream they share.

Production for the video included a wide community of friends in various roles and was, to their credit, accomplished in only five weeks. With tight coordination and the environment which comes from working with friends, we completed our shooting in one week and knocked out an astonishing post production schedule in a month. The workers featured were shot in near cinéma vérité style in their normal working conditions thanks to some local art-supporting businesses and organizations. Humdrum turns fantasy in this colorful, upbeat music video.

All production took place in Jackson, Mississippi USA. The video was released online and select screenings on February 13, 2011.

For an online viewing of the video, please visit: To request a DVD or digital download of the video for viewing or press, please email Clay Hardwick or call 601.497.7410 For all press/questions for (TR), please email Daniel Guaqueta or call 601.307.0151

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