Gray Swoope and MDA’s Guiding Principles

It would be difficult to add much more to the accolades and tributes about Gray Swoope, Executive Director of the Mississippi Development Authority(MDA), who is leaving soon to take a similar post in Florida.  Nevertheless, I’ll do my best to contribute by mentioning something attributable to Gray that often goes unnoticed.

Gray is a strategic thinker.  That becomes immediately evident when you hear him speak.  He understands his product (the state) and his agency’s role.  He instituted five guiding principles at MDA, which he enumerated in the fall 2010 issue of Developments, the newsletter of the Mississippi Economic Development Council.  Those principles have served him and MDA well.  They are as follows:

1.  thinking globally;

2.  building strategic  partnerships;

3.  being innovative;

4.  adjusting to the market and

5.  maintaining fiscal responsibility.

Thanks, and best wishes, Gray.

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