The job factories of the future – what successful communities will look like.

“So Much Fun.  So Irrelevant.” is the title of Thomas Friedman’s New York Times online post of January 3, 2012.  In it he discusses what the Republican candidates are not talking about.  It is a worthwhile read in the typical Thomas Friedman fashion.  The below paragraph struck me as especially interesting because it lists some of the traits of the successful community, which is here referred to as ecosystem, of the future.

The best of these ecosystems will be cities and towns that combine a university, an educated populace, a dynamic business community and the fastest broadband connections on earth. These will be the job factories of the future. The countries that thrive will be those that build more of these towns that make possible “high-performance knowledge exchange and generation,” explains Blair Levin, who runs the Aspen Institute’s Gig.U project, a consortium of 37 university communities working to promote private investment in next-generation ecosystems.

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