Which metro area produces the most NFL players per capita?

It’s NFL draft time.  It seems that every media outlet from ESPN to my local newspaper has a mock draft or a story predicting which players will be drafted early on on the process.  So which part of the country produces the most NFL players?

For that information one need to read Richard Florida’s article on the subject in TheAtlanticCities.com.  There you will find a ton of data. Place of birth for all 1846 players on NFL rosters at the 2010 preseason, for example.  Here’s the nugget that caught my eye:

Jackson, Mississippi, comes out on top with roughly 35 players per 100,000, followed by Jacksonville, Florida (27); Monroe, Louisiana (20); Lexington, Kentucky (15); Canton, Ohio (11); Lafayette, Louisiana (6); Pine Bluff, Arkansas (4); Athens, Georgia (4); Midland, Texas (3); and Billings, Montana (3) round out the top 10. Of the large metro areas, New Orleans was 16th with 2.5 players per 100,000. Miami is 32nd in player production, Los Angeles is 47th and New York is even further back at 110th.

Source:  http://www.theatlanticcities.com/arts-and-lifestyle/2012/04/which-parts-country-produce-most-nfl-players/1840/

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