Monthly Archives: March 2013

How to tell when mayoral elections are near.

3-22-2013 – It’s easy to tell when local elections are near by three things that happen.  First, campaign signs appear in supporters’ yards and sprout on public rights-of way. This latter act is especially annoying in view of the fact that it is illegal and that the candidates don’t seem to mind condoning this illegal activity during election season.

Second, very visible signs of activity by the local government begin to occur.  In my town there seems to be a whole lot of new activity in the street paving department. Perhaps that has something to do with the fact the polls are showing that the community ranks bad streets at the top of the list of concerns about local government.

Third, I suddenly receive emails, phone calls inviting me to town meetings and a variety of social media about things that the local government is involved in. No doubt this is paid by the taxpayers, not the campaign. The reason all this happens is apparently because it works. Seems that the adage about “What have you done for me lately?” is at play.

I suppose I really should not complain because I doubt if any streets would ever get repaired in my town if there was not an election on the horizon.