Monthly Archives: April 2013

Parents talk about how to improve schools.

A new report on the Public Agenda website titled “Ready, Willing and Able,” will be of interest to anyone involved in improving schools.  Below is a snippet from Public Agenda’s website that highlights some of the findings from a study in Kansas City.

  • Divided on what kind of involvement will best improve schools. 52 percent say it is improving the quality of parental involvement at home, versus 42 percent who say that it is getting parents more directly involved in running schools.
  • Split on how they prefer to be involved. 31 percent seem ready to embrace broader roles in shaping how schools operate and advocating for policy reform. 27 percent say they could help out more in traditional ways at their children’s school, and feel comfortable to do so. Another 19 percent are primarily looking for more guidance from their schools on how to help their children succeed.
  • Often not as involved as they would like to be. Just over half (51 percent) of the region’s parents admit that they could be more involved at their child’s school if they tried hard. Even those parents who said they would feel comfortable advocating for school improvements by contacting public officials and the media have often not been involved in these activities.
  • Supportive of their own teachers and principals. 77 percent say the principals and teachers at their child’s school are connected to the community and have a good feel for what’s going on there.