Do gardeners live longer?

IMG_0009 My wife is out of town for a week so I am taking over her duties around the household, one of which is watering the plants and garden during this record-setting summer heat wave. Each morning I make certain that the bushes, shrubs and plants in the front and back yards receive their nourishment. I’m on the fourth day of doing this, and something just occurred to me: I am caring (emphasis added) for something else. It’s not just a duty, but I find myself really caring about how these flora are doing. And that’s what got me to thinking about the subject of caring. When people care for other things, be it another person, plants and bushes or pets and animals, it takes their minds off themselves and focuses it on something else.  Indeed, I suspect that it even prolongs their lives. That line of thought led to me wonder about gardeners. They take care of vegetation and a plot of ground, so might their life expectancy be greater than average? From a pure academic standpoint, I did not discover much more than anecdotal research. Nevertheless, what I found supports my thinking. One finding even concludes that gardeners live 14 years longer than the average person. This was reported on the Wellness Mama blog, which referenced National Geographic author Dan Buettner who is known for writing about “Blue Zones.” Here are the reasons that Katie, the Wellness Mama, says that contribute to gardeners living longer: 1.  They get enough vitamin D; 2.  They play in the dirt; 3. They are “grounded;” 4.  They get relief from stress; 5.  They eat vegetables; and 6.  They exercise. That’s a pretty good list. I would add only that gardeners care for something. What do you care for?

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