The day I took a federal agent to CS’s.

February 25, 2016

Back in the day when I was a state investigator I worked on a case with a federal criminal investigator. He was a native of New York, and had been assigned to the Atlanta regional office a year earlier. He was coming to Jackson, Mississippi for the first time on a case. As we planned our investigation he told me that when he arrived in Jackson he wanted to go to a local restaurant, one of the things that he loved to do when traveling around the South. He requested that I take him to the most “local” restaurant in town. I decided that it would be CS’s, which is located on Northwest Street across from Millsaps College.

When we arrived at CS’s his eyes grew larger as he beheld the collection of beer cans, bumper stickers and the collection of luncheon diners. There were construction workers, public officials, professional people and students, all sitting side-by-side. The agent told me that this was exactly what he was looking for.

Momentarily, the legendary Inez herself presented us with menus. He studied it and then told Inez that he wanted the Inez platter, which was a huge burger with fries all topped off with chili and cheese. Inez immediately replied something to the effect, “Honey, you don’t want that. It’s too much for you to have at lunch.”

He was taken aback. After all, who tells a federal agent they can’t have what they want for lunch? You know the rest of the story. Inez brought him the platter and he couldn’t eat it all. Inez could not resist saying that she told him so. After we left CS’s he remarked that he had just enjoyed one of the most unusual and pleasant “Southern” experiences. “No wonder they call you guys the Hospitality State,” he said.

Well, Inez and CS’s is still there. The ambiance hasn’t changed much. Neither Inez. Have a lunch experience at one of Jackson’s most unusual local restaurants. And tell Inez hello.

More about CS’s at


One response to “The day I took a federal agent to CS’s.

  1. Phil – That is one place I have never eaten. Thanks for the heads up. Looks like a ***** compared to Beatty Street.

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