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Goals for THE SOUTH

A group of Southern leaders and thinkers gathered in November 2009 to develop a forward-looking agenda to create a better South. Here’s a summary: NURTURING ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND EDUCATION To compete in a 21st century global economy, each Southern state … Continue reading

The top three keys to achieving your goals in 2011

What will you accomplish in 2011?  Have you set your goals yet? Dr. Gail Matthews of Dominican University conducted a study and some research on the subject of goal setting.  Here are her conclusions: Conclusions: 1.    The positive effect of … Continue reading

The ABCs of Economic Development for Small Towns

Mayors of just about all small towns are part-time individuals interested and willing to serve their communities. They do not get paid very much and most are not holders of college degrees in economic or community development. They learn quickly … Continue reading

Phil Hardwick’s Strategy Letter, January 2016

January 2016 Greetings: As I was planning and strategizing about the coming year I had the idea that perhaps I wanted to set a goal of being the best professional development trainer in the state. That’s because one of the … Continue reading


November 12, 2015 My latest column as printed in the Mississippi Business Journal AN ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT PRIMER FOR SMALL TOWN MAYORS They come in all sizes and shapes and from a wide variety of backgrounds. Almost all of them are … Continue reading

Phil Hardwick’s Strategy Letter Launched

PHIL HARDWICK’S STRATEGY LETTER Greetings: In case you haven’t heard, I retired from the Stennis Institute recently. Of course, that does not mean I have retired altogether. I’m still teaching part-time at Millsaps College, facilitating strategic planning retreats, doing leadership … Continue reading

Q & A About the Writing Life

What were your goals when you started writing? My writing goals when I began writing were very simple: Write an advice column every week. That’s because a newspaper asked me to write about a subject that I was considered to … Continue reading

What Business Expects From Schools – Notes from a panel discussion

“What Business Expects of (the local school district) and What Businesses Can Do to Assist (the local school district) in Reaching Those Goals” was the subject of a panel discussion sponsored by the Jackson Public Schools Partners in Education. The … Continue reading

The Three Keys to Economic Development Success

Recently I had the opportunity to attend a Mississippi Economic Development Council (MEDC) seminar held at the Community Development Foundation’s (CDF) new headquarters in Tupelo.  During the Q & A session, David Rumbarger, President and CEO of the CDF, was … Continue reading

Thoughts on South Mississippi’s seeking “fairness and parity” in economic development.

February 13, 2012 According to a February 2, 2012  article in the SunHerald there is an effort to make sure that, “it is imperative that any economic development strategy for the state of Mississippi, including but not limited to, the … Continue reading