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Don’t ship that wine to Mississippi

I read a great article  in the Wall Street Journal recently about Cameron Hughes and how he sells great wine at phenomenally low prices.  I attempted to order one of his specials online, but his company does not ship to Mississippi because it is not allowed even though it is done by many vendors across the country.

Here’s what the State Tax Commission Web site says about the matter:

Can I order wine over the internet to be delivered to my home?
No. It is illegal to bring wine into Mississippi and such products will be considered contraband.

I thought the Supreme Court ruled that direct shipment of wine was legal?
No, in the case heard by the U. S. Supreme Court, the Court ruled that a state cannot discriminate with regard to regulation of out-of-state wineries. In other words, if an in-state winery can ship and sell directly to a consumer, then an out-of-state winery has the same privilege. In Mississippi, in-state wineries cannot ship directly to a consumer so there are no discriminatory practices. The Court further ruled that the states have the ultimate authority to regulate wine and alcohol as they see appropriate.