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What should you do when your community is featured negatively on the news?

How many times has your community been the subject of a news report from an outside organization that you felt disparaged your community and failed to project the whole story?  What should you do? I suspect that it varies on a case-by-case basis.  How would you handle this case?

Eastern Kentucky has found out that when a national news organization (ABC’s 20/20) pays a visit and then airs a program on national television in prime time the feelings of the locals can run deep and visceral.  Was this program fair?  Was it good journalism?  Does it reinforce negative stereotypes?

There is a thought-provoking article entitled “Speak Your Piece: Diane Sawyer in Eastern Kentuicky,” by B. L. Dotson-Lewis about the above case in Daily Yonder, which is a digest published on the web by the Center for Rural Strategies.