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Gasoline Report: Atlanta to Jackson

I’m home, and I must say that it feels good.

Atlanta’s gasoline situation was not good, but I left there with 3/4ths of a tank because I filled up on the Alabama/Georgia line the night before (right before the police pulled me over).  I decided to top off the tank in Oxford, Alabama so I pulled off the interstate only to find that all the service stations were closed.  A lady at Cracker Barrel (where I exchanged books on tape) informed that that she “thought” that the Wal-Mart at the next exit had gasoline.  I stopped again in Anniston and found one gas station open and it only had 89 octane for sale at $3.99 a gallon.  I decided I had better top off the tank.  Just to check, I pulled off again on the western side of Birmingham at a busy intersection to find that none of the stations had gas.  The clerk told me that he hoped it was on the way.  I then drove on to Newton, Mississippi and stopped at the Texaco.  It had only unleaded, but it was $3.59 so I filled up.  What was so strange was that there were no lines at all at any of these stations.  I suppose that’s a good thing that people are not getting panicky.

Anyway, it was a surreal experience.  I will continue to practice the credo of a road warrior: A half tank is an empty tank, so keep it full.