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More info on how Mississippi voted for state flag in 2001

The following is republished by permission from Jere Nash, co-author of Mississippi Politics. The last sentence adds insight to the fact that a majority of Mississippians voted to keep the current state flag.


As debate continues about what to do with the Mississippi Flag, I wanted to highlight some of the information Andy and I included in our 2006 book about the April 17, 2001 special flag election. More Mississippians went to the polls that day than voted in the 1999 governor’s election. The 1894 flag prevailed over the alternative new flag by 494,323 votes to 273,359. Of the 1,311 majority white precincts in the state at the time, only 43 supported the new flag. Of those precincts, eighteen were in the Jackson metro area and twelve were in university towns. According to the 2000 Census there were 43 precincts with no African American residents, and the margin in those precincts in favor of the 1894 Flag was 5,887 to 221, or 96.4 percent. In the 408 precincts which had 50 or fewer African Americans, the margin in favor of the 1894 Flag was 89,112 to 8,014, or 91.8 percent. Only two precincts at the time had no white residents. The margin in favor of the new flag in those two precincts was 421 to 5, or 98.8 percent. In the 94 precincts with 50 or fewer white residents, the margin in favor of the new flag was 23,098 to 1,115, or 95.4 percent. Our analysis of all the precincts showed that 90 percent of white voters supported the 1894 flag and 95 percent of black voters supported the new flag design.

Bill Maher panel mocks Mississippi rednecks.

There is no shortage of conversation about Mississippi’s image.  Not surprising given that the Magnolia State comes in at the bottom of most “good” lists and at the top of most “bad” lists.

Unfortunately, sometimes there are those who take a lot of license with Mississippi’s image for the apparent purpose of perpetuating the negative.  Because Mississippi is at the top of the political news this week now is a good time for mockery and bad image perpetualization.

Enter Bill Maher. Below is the link to an article that contains a rather unbelievable video. What makes it so unbelievable is that it only features so-called redneck white men as representative of Mississippi and its political views.

Link to article:  http://www.mediaite.com/tv/bill-maher-panel-mocks-rural-mississippi-confederates-from-snug-hollywood-perch.