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Bill Maher panel mocks Mississippi rednecks.

There is no shortage of conversation about Mississippi’s image.  Not surprising given that the Magnolia State comes in at the bottom of most “good” lists and at the top of most “bad” lists.

Unfortunately, sometimes there are those who take a lot of license with Mississippi’s image for the apparent purpose of perpetuating the negative.  Because Mississippi is at the top of the political news this week now is a good time for mockery and bad image perpetualization.

Enter Bill Maher. Below is the link to an article that contains a rather unbelievable video. What makes it so unbelievable is that it only features so-called redneck white men as representative of Mississippi and its political views.

Link to article:  http://www.mediaite.com/tv/bill-maher-panel-mocks-rural-mississippi-confederates-from-snug-hollywood-perch.