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We want it all – or cut your spending, but give me mine.

January 2, 2013

This morning Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” He made some excellent points about what had happened with the so-call fiscal bill and passionately made the case that spending is the real problem to be dealt with.  I was so impressed with his points that I went to the “News” section of his website to sign up for his newsletter.  And it was there that I found these headlines:

Sen. Toomey Issues Statement On Fiscal Cliff;

Sen. Toomey Heralds $92,000 Grant For Lafayette Ambulance And Rescue Squad;

Sen Toomey Heralds $91,000 Grant for New Haven Hose Company.

I have no doubt that these grants are worthy, but it illustrates how cutting spending is such a dilemma for Congress – and for all of us.

Who said, “Sometimes the country is more important than either party?”

Howard Dean, M.D., the former Democratic National Committee chairman and former Governor of Vermont, made that statement this morning (12-17-2009) on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.  Dean is taking flak for his “kill the bill” comments about the current version of the Senate’s health care bill.  After listening to Dean for the past few days, I am beginning to believe that he is one of the few people who really care about health care reform instead of the politics of health care reform.  Here’s are a few links that provide further enlightenment and elucidation:

Huffington Post  – Howard Dean Debates Health Care With Mary Landrieu, Chris Matthews;

NY Daily News – Howard Dean Flashback;

AP – Dean Urges Defeat of Health Care Bill.