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Phoenicia Gourmet Cuisine, Ocean Springs

Last week’s lunch at the Phoenicia Gourmet Cuisine, Ocean Springs was a most pleasant dining experience, featuring an appetizer of Hummus ( theirs is a blend of Chick Pea, Tahini, Lemon Juice & Garlic) and bread, a table by the front window and a delicious entree of mahi-mahi topped with a sauce that tasted – well, Mediterranean.  Speaking of Mediterranean, I was told that the Phoenicia was a Greek restaurant, and then I read reviews describing it as a Lebanese restaurant, a Middle Eastern restaurant and a Mediterranean restaurant.  It describes itself as featuring Mediterranean Cuisine.

Reviews on the Internet seem to be mixed, but from my experience I would rate it eight stars out of 10 for lunch.  I also couldn’t help but notice that there was a short wait for a table, the best indicator of what diners think about a restaurant. Locals told me that it’s also a great place for breakfast.

For a town its size, Ocean Springs has a surprising variety of unique restaurants.  Some say that many of the New Orleans chefs came this way after Hurricane Katrina and had a positive effect on local cuisine.  Click here for a listing of Ocean Springs restaurants.  There are many and they are varied.

Phoenicia Gourmet Cuisine
1223 Government St
Ocean Springs, Mississippi