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Top 10 Reasons to Read

The staff at First Books made a list of their Top 10 Reasons to Read.  Their list follows, and following that is MY top reason to read:

10. You need a backup in case the TV and Internet go out.
9. It’s fuel efficient.
8. A flight attendant will never ask you to turn
off your paperback.
7. It’s fun.
6. If you like to read, you’ll never be alone.
5. No commercials.
4. Reading makes school a lot easier.
3. It’s less fattening than chocolate.
2. So you can say with authority: the book was better.
and our top reason to read:
1. (Almost) everybody’s doing it!

Now for my top reason to read:  If every child in my state (Mississippi) could read at grade level it would do more to change my state for the better than just about anything else.